Molly Bedell on Customizing a Home Under Construction

Molly Bedell on Customizing a Home Under Construction

For the past ten+ years, we’ve been building homes for sale as well as custom homes in Bend, Oregon. We make these homes available for purchase at the onset of construction, and more often than not, sell the home mid-way through the construction process. In a fun twist of collaboration, these projects take on aspects of custom home construction.

This scenario recently played out when Molly and Tom Bedell purchased lot 52 in the midst of construction. The couple knew they wanted to find a home in Bend.  Tom bought Breedlove Guitars about 5 years ago and has been spending a lot of time here since then. Molly grew up in Eugene and has many fond memories of time spent in Central Oregon. They’re both looking forward spending more time in Bend (Oregon) after they move into their new home.

We met up with Molly to talk about the process of choosing this home and what it’s like to jump in to the middle of the construction process:

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Timberline Construction of Bend: You are buying a house from Timberline that was already under construction. What drew you to this house?

Molly Bedell: The home was attractive to us as the architecture reminded us of our home in Colorado – sort of 1950’s outside, but with modern open concept inside.  The home is all one level, which was also a plus.  It was really exciting that we also had the opportunity to do a little customizing on the interior.

Rednering of home for sale in Tetherow

TC: While the design for your home was already established, you have had the opportunity to add your input. What aspects or elements have you selected?

MB: We selected all wood floors throughout the home, where originally carpet was planned for all bedrooms.  We also reconfigured the kitchen island, and added some extra upgrades such as range, fridge, island granite, ice maker, farm sink. The sideboard that was being created to separate the main living and dining areas was originally planned to be installed as a permanent fixture, so we had it created as a separate, movable piece.  We’ve also selected bathroom tile, fixtures, and some lighting, and I had two chandeliers custom designed for the main living and dining areas.

TC: Have you had a custom home built in the past? What are the highs and lows of the process now and in the past?

MB: We have built several custom homes from the ground up in the past.  This process was obviously less intensive as many design decisions were already made.  If you are fortunate enough to custom build, I can’t think of any lows other than the time it can take.  Creating from the ground up is a total high!


TC: Can you describe your experience working with Kristian and Timberline? 

MB: Kristian, Rick and Ronda (Cascade Design) have been absolutely delightful to work with.  Rick and Kristian were patient and offered us the opportunity to custom what we could and always kept us in the loop.  Ronda has great design sensibility and we have actually worked together in the past for our guitar company, so it was fun to re-engage with her.

Working with the Bedell’s is a blast. Both Molly and Tom have music and design in their hearts. Be sure to check out their businesses Two Old Hippies, Bedell Guitars, and Breedlove Guitars

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