Designing a New Home: Lot 52 in Tetherow

Rednering of home for sale in Tetherow

Designing a New Home: Lot 52 in Tetherow

We’re excited to be working on a new spec home, in design now by Brandon Olin of Olin Architecture. The process officially started in December, when we walked the lot with Brandon, discussing the features of the lot, considering future growth of the neighborhood, and the family who will someday soon live in the finished home.

The Lot

Lot 52, at the intersection of Meeks and Bainbridge in the Tetherow Glen Neighborhood, is a corner lot with many large ponderosas. This neighborhood is still to be developed, so while we know some trees will be cut down, we don’t know which or how many and we’re planning for the existing landscape as well as the future.

We want to keep as many trees on the lot as possible – giving the home more privacy and emphasizing a connection to the outdoor lifestyle that makes Central Oregon such a wonderful place to live. Brandon is also designing the home to take advantage of the ample light from the west and south. The lot doesn’t currently have mountain views, the design will take advantage of any that could open up as more homes in the area are designed and built.

3 design choices

Preliminary Ideas

When we walked the lot with Brandon, he took quite a few photos and made notes. At the time, we weren’t sure if a two-story, or single level home would be the best fit for the lot. He offered both options early in the design process. While the second story option was a good one, we ultimately decided the flow of the single-level floor plan and the use of natural light in the center of the home would be preferable.

Lot 52 in Tetherow Site Plan

What’s next?

The basic design has been decided upon, we’re ready for the structural engineering. Once that piece is done, we’ll submit the design to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and then we’ll submit for permits. We hope to break ground and commence construction this spring.

Home for Sale:

Many of the spec homes we build are sold long before they are finished.  This allows homeowners to make detail selections that are unique to their style. Other folks prefer to let us wade through the huge variety of choices, trusting that we’ll deliver a finished home they will easily fall in love with.

Either way, if you’d like to know more about this home, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to tell you more.