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Timberline Construction of Bend

Comfortable, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, and Healthy Homes

Building Custom and Green Homes in Bend and Central Oregon since 2000.

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Kristian Willman: (541) 408-7800
Kevin Lorda: (541) 419-4655
Tom Pulliam: (541) 390-8560
Peter Blackham: (206)599-9851
Amy Steigman / Main office: (541) 388-3979

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Kristian Willman: Xevfgvna@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Kevin Lorda: Xriva@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Tom Pulliam: Gbz@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Peter Blackham: Crgre@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Amy Steigman: Nppbhagvat@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
General Information: vasb@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz

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1655 NE Lytle Street
Bend, OR 97701

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Timberline Construction of Bend
PO Box 94
Bend, OR 97709

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