You Can Even Hear the Progress

You Can Even Hear the Progress

If you’ve been following our progress on the Egeland Residence, a custom home we are building in the Highlands in Bend, Oregon, you know that it’s a busy place. It’s a big project (approximately 6,800 square feet) and as the general contractor, we’re managing quite a few crews on site. If you listen closely, you’ll here the signs.

View from the Highlands in Bend Oregon

Last Thursday was a great example. When I parked my truck and got out to snap a few photos, I heard the sound of a saw cutting through metal. The crew building the pool was cutting rebar to provide structural integrity to the concrete.  From around the corner, I heard voices and wondered over to find another crew working on the stonework for the retaining walls, chimneys, patios, and columns. And from the open garage door, I could hear voices of the drywall crew.

It’s a great process to see unfold. If you enjoy it, you can also like us on Facebook to see more images and updates from our current projects.