“We not only met a great builder and someone we continue to contact with questions about our house and projects but we made a great friend.”

We had a home built by Timberline Construction in 2004. To say that we were happy with both the process and the final product would be an understatement. This was the first and only custom home we have had built and we went into the process a bit skeptical. We had a rough experience with a builder on a fairly extensive remodel project a few years earlier and were cautious not to repeat previous mistakes. Little did we know, but we really had nothing to worry about.

Our house was Timberline’s first custom home and some friends and family thought we were crazy to embark on a project of this magnitude with a builder with a limited custom home resume. We did have personal experience with Timberline’s work and follow up as we had purchased a spec home built by Timberline and this gave us the confidence we needed going into the project.

Kristian’s personal attention and professionalism were evident from the beginning. From the discussions at the site in regards to placement and elevation in order to take advantage of a spectacular view, through to the final touches upon completion he was attentive to our questions and needs.

We were probably most impressed by Kristian’s dogged efforts to negotiate the best bids from multiple sub contractors for each and every aspect of the project. He would not settle for a bid he thought could be improved even when he knew it meant more work and time on his part. He was also on hand and on site to keep an eye on the quality of the work.

Kristian was also very conscious of the timeline and keeping things on schedule. His coordination of each element was tenacious and it showed as our project moved along in a timely and organized fashion. His relationship with all the sub contractors seemed very positive and we got the sense that people worked hard to his approval.

The work site was always kept clean and organized and we felt this was representative of Kristian’s pride in his project. He is very organized and at the end of most days would be at the site stacking and organizing the site in preparation for the following day’s schedule.

As the project moved along Kristian was very attentive to our needs and responded quickly and effectively when plans changed. We were probably not the easiest clients to work with and changed a number of aspects as the project progressed. We were kept abreast of the finances as items changed and Kristian did an excellent job of keeping the overall budget in line with our plan. I believe we came in under budget which was obviously much appreciated.

We have, and will continue to recommend Timberline Construction. Were we to ever need a new home built we would contact Timberline first.  I just wish I could keep up with him on my bike.


Kent and Leslie Cramer