“We have a superbly constructed and beautiful home thanks to Timberline Construction.”

Prior to selecting Timberline Construction – I personally met with countless construction firms of note in Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas. Having been raised in a construction family and my career managed a few thousand feet of commercial space build-outs in the United States and Asia, I had some experience upon which to draw in selecting a contractor. Timberline stood far ahead of the crowd of other contractors I interviewed, as a firm staffed with genuinely ‘real’ people who were deeply experienced and committed professionals. I was confident they would run an efficient project and effectively communicate with me on a daily basis.

Our home build in Tetherow was clearly an important effort for us, but at the time, clearly a unique build for Bend, Oregon. Timberline immediately took on an enthusiastic and energetic stance. They convinced me via personal meeting testimonials, viewings of prior project builds, and introductions to vendors and sub-contractors, that they were committed to quality construction and had the breadth of knowledge necessary to build our unique home.

Obviously, we chose Timberline and they did not disappoint. Their ENTIRE staff proved to be as dedicated and committed to our build as teh Timberline owners, James Fagan and Kristian Willman. At each phase of our project, every sub with whom I interacted, had obviously been thoroughly vetted by Timberline Construction. They came to the job site each day prepared and energized to build our home.

We have a superbly constructed and beautiful home thanks to Timberline Construction. I would highly and enthusiastically recommend Timberline Construction for you future build projects.


Deanne Kenneally