After designing our dream home, we set off to find the perfect builder for us.  As some would call me obsessive/compulsive, we thoughtfully outlined a selection process, including definitive criteria.  We sent an RFP to several local home builders, and from their written proposals we, along with our designers with Tebbs Design Group, scheduled interviews with five, all of whom fully qualified technically and experientially.  We chose Timberline both because of their demonstrated experience with building a special home like ours, but also, and much more importantly, because of our chemistry with the principals of the company, Jim Fagen and Kristian Willman.  Our call was right on!

We related with Kristian Willman immediately, and he related with us…we both developed a deep respect and appreciation for each other (including Kristian relating to my alleged compulsive/obsessive side!).  Kristian stayed very close to us during every step of construction, usually way ahead of us, and always understood and appreciated our mutual quest for an extremely high quality home, every detail, but always conscious of the cost of every item.

Inevitably, there will always be unknowns and surprises with construction projects of the magnitude of ours.  Kristian always kept us current on issues, but more importantly advising us on our options with each one.  In the end, we made every decision timely and with full knowledge.

Our home is beyond our dreams and expectations.  Timberline, especially Kristian, made our dream come true!  And, even more importantly to us, he has become a lifetime friend.

Rick & Jeanine Hachten