The Windows are In!

The Windows are In!

The windows (by Sierra Pacific) are installed!

“Sierra Pacific was pleased to be asked to provide the windows for our clients’ new home. Ordering windows can be a daunting task for a home owner, designer or contractor. The design, function and installation of a window all play an important part in making a beautiful, warm, intigrated home, inside and out. For the Maunder’s home Sierra Pacific was tasked with providing special sized windows to fit the Sips panels as well as very high insulation values to the glass. All of the windows came in with insulation values better than what Earth Advantage requires. This should be a good energy savings for the Maunders for years to come. One more added value, without added cost for the Maunders is that the windows are 3rd party certified as a “green”, sustainable product.

Best wishes to the clients in their new home.

Rich Cook

Sierra Pacific Windows”