The Roseborrough Residence: Building a Custom Home

roseborrough custom home rendering

The Roseborrough Residence: Building a Custom Home

We could not be more pleased to be building a new, custom home for Amy and Kyle Rosborrough and their kids. Designed by Christian Gladu Design, this home is tailored to meet the family’s needs and lifestyle. It’s a home designed to work for them now and in the long-run, as their children grow.

From Design to Reality:

As we’ve said before, excavating and pouring the foundation accurately are crucial. It’s also a fun process for us and the homeowner. It’s activity that marks the transition from design to reality. After staring at plans for months, this tangible step always feels big.

The foundation plan:

Roseborrough Custom Home Foundation plan

The actual foundation:

Roseborrough Custom Home Footing

Roseborrough Custom Home Foundation

What’s Next?

We’re moving on to framing now, so stay tuned, or follow us on Facebook for photos and updates.