The Path to Earth Advantage Certification – Part 1

Matt Douglas Green Building Consultant for Earth Advantage

The Path to Earth Advantage Certification – Part 1

The home we are building on Lot 23, just west of Bend (Oregon) in Tetherow, will be a certified green home. In selecting a certification for a home we are building to sell, it was important to choose a program that will be meaningful to the home’s owners-to-be and also keep the overall cost of the home within our budget.

Working with a Green Building Consultant?

When we decided to build this home to meet a green certification, we contacted Matt Douglas – Green Building Consultant for Earth Advantage. Matt has been been working with Earth Advantage since 2008, and has helped certify over 700 homes during that time.  Before becoming a consultant, Matt worked in the HVAC field for 8 years – a background that has helped him understand the energy efficiency, quality and durability of the mechanical systems in any home.  We’ve worked with Matt before, and felt that Earth Advantage was the right fit for this project.

The Certification Process

Wall insulation in Lot 23Before construction began, Matt met with us, going over plans and the point sheet.  The point sheet is a list of measures we can choose from to meet the Earth Advantage standards based on their plans and scope.  There are 5 pillars; Energy, Health, Land, Materials, and Water.  The home must meet a minimum point level for each pillar. Once construction is complete, the points are totaled, 60 points for Silver certification, 80 points for Gold, and 100 points for Platinum.

After the plan review and Earth Advantage point sheet were completed, Matt ran an energy model on the home and compared the efficiency of the home to that of Oregon code.  Next, Matt visited the construction site to conduct a rough inspection.  He checked thed wall insulation* before we began hanging drywall.

*this home has a combination of blown-in insulation and batts. Read more about hybrid insulation systems.

Once we complete construction on this home, Matt will visit the site again to do the final inspection.  He will ensure that the proper equipment has been installed, and that floor and ceiling insulation are in the proper place.  Then, when everything passes the Earth Advantage inspection, the home will receive the certificate.

What are the benefits of buying an EA Certified home?

For the home buyers, the benefit of a choosing an Earth Advantage certified home is that they are getting a better built home – with someone in addition to the builder verifying this. Buyers can be confident they are purchasing a home that is energy efficient, durable, and comfortable.  Additionally, Earth Advantage Certification includes a focus on water efficiency and healthy indoor products that also provide some benefits.

According to Matt, “The nice thing about lot 23 in the Tetherow Glen is that, with the package of measures chosen for this home, it will most likely reach the Gold level of certification.”

For Sale in Bend

Many of the spec homes we build are sold long before they are finished.  This allows homeowners to make detail selections that are unique to their style. Other folks prefer to let us wade through the huge variety of choices, trusting that we’ll deliver a finished home they will easily fall in love with.

Either way, if you’d like to know more about this home, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to tell you more.