The Egeland Residence: Building a Custom Mountain Lodge

The Egeland Residence: Building a Custom Mountain Lodge

Located in the Highlands, the Egeland Residence is a custom home located on a ten-acre lot at the edge of the forest, just outside of Bend, Oregon. Designed by Tebbs Design Group, this will be a truly stunning mountain lodge.

This large six-bedroom home has many structural features and architectural details that are found in only the highest quality homes. The vaulted ceilings throughout the home are a great example. In order to create these cathedral style ceilings, the entire house has hand-cut roof rafters instead of trusses.  It is both a labor and material intensive building technique, but by using this alternative to trusses, we are able to create completely open and expansive spaces.

In other areas of this house, we have made material selections that allow us to build open rooms, visually uncluttered by any supporting structures. The kitchen/dinning area is one such example.  In order to build the large kitchen and dining space that opens to the great room without intermediate posts or columns, we have used parallel strand lumber (PSL) floor beams for the second story.  PSL beams support heavier loads than comparably sized conventional glulam
or sawn lumber products and can be used in longer spans for wide-open rooms.

Both the hand-cut roof rafters and the PSL floor beams are interesting during the construction process, but will be hidden within the structure of the building when its complete. Some elements though, are both structural and decorative.  For instance, these custom, hand forged beam brackets, beam buckets, bolts, and washers are as structurally important as they are aesthetically pleasing. Made locally, by TAC Construction (the same company framing this building), these pieces of hardware add to the rustic style of the home.

There is still a lot of work to be done on this 6,800 square foot house.  We’re looking forward to sharing updates throughout the process, so please check back or stay connected with us on Facebook or Twitter.