Splish-Splash – The Swimming Pool is Ready!

The Egeland’s Mountain Lodge is designed to be a welcoming place for family and friends to gather and spend time together – and the completion of the in-ground swimming pool only adds to this home’s magnetism.

Cool, Refreshing, and Ready for Fire Suppression?

Just in time for summertime shenanigans, we recently finished up both the hot tub and pool. The final surface in place, the tile is set, and the water is cool and refreshing. Using a natural color palette connects the home, the outdoor living spaces and the pool, with the beautiful, natural setting of the residence.

In addition to serving as a center of entertainment and relaxation for the whole family, the pool also serves as the first response reservoir in case of fire. A series of pipes are connected to the property-specific fire hydrant and can draw on the ready source of water should an emergency arise. While we truly hope we never see this feature called upon, it is an important system to have in place as the fire earlier this summer reminded us. (Two Bulls Fire in Bend, Oregon)


Fun and Safe

And because a pool should be a fun and safe place, we’ve installed a walk-able pool cover. The kids were excited to test it our and show off this “approved pool barrier.”