The Sweetwater project is a custom home with an addition/remodel in Bend Oregon. As builders/the general contractor on the project, we worked closely with the designer, Schechter Architect.

The project involved very unique and sustainable demolition of a residence built in the 1920’s and construction along the Deschutes River in Bend. With green building elements like a rainwater catchment, energy efficiency goals, and ecologically conscientious construction practices, this project was careful to protect the river that flows directly by the home.

The homeowners desire to live sustainably drove the design strategy. Making this home highly energy-efficient was a top priority, as was considering the carbon footprint of construction. By replacing the original home within the same footprint, we utilized the existing entry space and garage structure to create a modestly sized space with high quality construction and finishes.

The ground floor is 1,048 SF with dining, kitchen, and ‘brain station’ in the ‘Great Room’, as well as a master bedroom suite, powder room, and laundry.

Green Construction Methodology and Materials

We utilized low VOC materials/finishes and repurposed materials when applicable and incorporated a Energy Recovery Ventilator (air filtration system). In addition to building a high-performance building envelope with staggered-stud framing, we installed triple pane windows with adjustable night insulation, Energy Star appliances; LED lighting, and on-demand water heaters.

The 4.6 kW grid-tied solar PV system can produce 5,000 kWh – approximately 68 % of  the homeowner’s total consumption. Water consumption and runoff were also particularly important to the homwowners, as the home sits on the banks of the Deschutes River. A rainwater catchment systems captures roof runoff in a 3,000 gallon underground cistern. This water can be used for irrigation.