Outdoor Living: 5 Trends to Embrace this Summer

Outdoor Living: 5 Trends to Embrace this Summer

We always encourage our clients to incorporate ample outdoor living into their custom home, and we are sure to include plenty of it in the homes we build to sell as well. Never miss another gorgeous Central Oregon sunset or a chance to chat with your neighbors again with these outdoor living trends to embrace this summer.

Outdoor living space with gourmet BBQ


Al Fresco

Outdoor kitchens, patio pizza ovens, and gourmet BBQ centers are hot. The party always ends up in the kitchen and on a gorgeous summer day, you’ll want that to be outside.

Say Yes to the Front Yard

Relax on the front porch or patio, wave at neighbors, and watch the kids play nearby. Adding outdoor living space to the front of your home can be as easy as a couple of Adirondack chairs alongside some shrubbery or as involved as a formally hardscaped patio. Building outdoor living in the front and back of your home also allows you to chase the sun during the cooler seasons and hide from it in the heat of the summer.

Go Big in the Back and Stay Home

Get serious about personal and party time with ample living space the back yard. In addition to lounging space, add a bocce ball court, fire pit, or even a pool.


Get Vibrant

Color accents are a highly versatile way to make your space feel current and fresh. Lime green, tangerine, and sunshine yellow are popular in a variety of materials and textures – from throw pillows and vases to outdoor umbrellas.

Growing Above and Around

Pergolas and vertical gardens are hugely popular. Pergolas can help you define a space and well chosen plants will add privacy and shade. Vertical gardens are perfect for succulents and herbs and create a sense of connection to your garden while maximizing patio space.