Olin Design for the Custom Seidel-Thorgeirsson Home

Olin Design for the Custom Seidel-Thorgeirsson Home

We’ve been working with Brandon Olin, of Olin Architecture on a new, custom home for the Seidel-Thorgeirssons, and we’re almost ready to break ground. The home will be a blend of traditional lodge and craftsman design, with simple rooflines and an elevated main level.

We’ve worked with Linda Thorgeirsson for many years, contracting with her construction cleaning company Let’s Construction Cleaning to keep our jobsites clean, recycle any wood and cardboard waste, and to make each completed home sparkle for our new homeowners. We were thrilled when Linda and her husband Mike Seidel asked us to build their home.

The Seidel-Thorgeirssons wanted to keep their design simple – opting to dedicate a greater portion of their budget to finishes. After discussing their family’s hopes for their new home, we recommended working with Olin Architecture and Brandon has come up with some clever methods to achieve the family’s design goals while staying within their budget.


Designing a Home for the Family, Property, and Budget

“Simple ideas are often the best.” – Brandon Olin

One of the most influential ideas Brandon offered for this home is his placement of the structure on the property. Traditionally, houses are squared to the lot lines, with the front wall of the home running parallel to the street. By turning the Seidel-Thorgeirsson’s home to be square with the contour lines of their property instead, Brandon’s design minimizes excavation expenses and allows for better use of the space – especially on the home’s main level. This design decision also allows for a more private feeling entrance and optimizes the use of natural light on the main level. This twist on structure placement is a simple idea that has a big impact on the entire project.

Learning About the Home Construction Process

You’ll be able to watch the construction process of the Seidel-Thorgeirssons’s home and learn more about the design Brandon has created for them. We’ll post detailed updates to the Current Projects of our website, and you can see photos along the way by following us on Facebook. If you have questions about design and building your dream home, please contact us by email, or on Facebook or Twitter. We’d be happy to discuss the process with you.