Kitchen Know How: Transform Your Island into a Holiday Bar

Kitchen Know How: Transform Your Island into a Holiday Bar

We all know the best holiday party chatter happens in the kitchen – that’s why we build homes with kitchens at the very center.  Even when you’re not cooking, the kitchen island is most often the official gathering place for get togethers. Why not set up for double duty? Transforming your kitchen island into a home bar can be as stylish and comfortable as it is fun and easy-going. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you make it festive and functional.

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1. Choose a mix of accessories

Utilize your favorite tabletop and bar accessories, picking and choosing pieces from different sets. Tap into some of the things you’ve collected over the years. Layering in a mix of materials like wood, ceramic, and metals will make the bar feel rich and curated.

2. Start with large, functional pieces

Build a foundation for your bar with a large decorative bowl that can be used for iced bottles. Use trays for to hold a small selection glassware, keeping the rest behind the bar.

3. Add greenery

Add color and height to the bar with fresh large leaves and vines instead of a floral arrangement. This will add dimension to your bar without being overly scented.

4. Decorate with function

Make the bar elegant and lavish while maintaining function. Using smaller items, like a small bowl of olives placed on a decorative piece, will draw guests in.

5. Consider flow

While you know conversation will center around the island, consider the flow. Make the necessities (like cocktail napkins) or favorite beverages available in a few different places so guests are stuck waiting for something.