“I could not convey strongly enough of their superior work constructing my very unique, architecturally challenging, custom home.”

To Potential Timberline Construction Client,

I am writing of my recent experience with Timberline Construction. I could not convey strongly enough of their superior work constructing my very unique, architecturally challenging, custom home. After much due diligence in the selection process, I am beyond confident in their ability to organize, execute, problem solve, and follow through with their projects. I chose them because of their keen reputation as builders knowledgeable and highly skilled in building challenging architectural structures. They came with a vast background in contemporary construction and sustainable building practices. Timberline eagerly embraced every aspect of a challenging project and maintained confidence in their ability to complete it with quality and intention.

Another important aspect of my experience with Timberline was their clear, concise, and upfront communication. I was well informed at every step of the construction process. In fact, there were no shocking surprises that they hadn’t prepared me for in advance. I received a weekly schedule of work to be completed the following week. It was followed to a T. Additionally, they maintained strong relations with their sub contractors as shown by their efficient and diligent work. The coordination of subs was always well organized. Bottom line….. Timberline treated all people fairly and respectfully.

I can not forget to mention that Timberline has many creative ideas and strategies to save money. They get to know you, your tastes, and your dis-tastes intimately. They research countless options for their client and help steer you in the right direction. I always felt like they were doing their absolute best for me. The budget was clearly communicated and the bids were always at my fingertips for review and selection.

I would not look any further than Timberline Construction! I will be singing their praises loudly throughout the community. They have transformed a very difficult and challenging building situation for me into a memorable one. I will be using Timberline in the future for any projects.


Feel free to contact me for any additional information you’d like about my positive experience with Timberline Construction.


Lauri Powers