Home Ideas: 5 Simple Ideas for a Stylish and Welcoming Guest Room

Home Ideas: 5 Simple Ideas for a Stylish and Welcoming Guest Room

Whether it’s the holiday season or the middle of a gorgeous summer, living in Bend, Oregon often means lots of houseguests. Having the ideal guest room will help make your family and friends feel welcome and reduces stress and scrambling for you. These five simple ideas were surely help.


1. The perfect bed

Choosing a comfortable bed is certainly important; but it’s also helpful to consider the needs and frequency of your guests’ visits. Two twin beds are ideal if you often have multiple overnight guests. If your guest room needs to double as another space, installing a murphy bed is an excellent option.

While you might think the guest bed is toasty-warm, it may be too toasty, or still chilly to cold-blooded guests. To give your visitors full control over their overnight temperature, make the bed simply and let them know there are additional blankets and linens in the closet.

2. Add low-key lighting options to the bedside

Adding table lamps or bedside sconces are ideal for a guest who stays up to read or write. Soft, soothing light will make the room cozier. Plus, bedside lamps mean your guests won’t have to fumble through the dark in an unfamiliar space after flicking the overhead light switch.

3. Add an element of luxury

Adding an elegant accent like a chandelier or a sophisticated headboard will make guests feel like they are staying somewhere special. A small amount of decadence goes a long way to make the room feel luxurious.

4. Everything in its place


Providing guests with a place to put their things helps turn an unfamiliar setting into a space that is clutter-free and restful. A folding luggage rack is essential. Small trays on the night stand are perfect for loose items like wallets, change, glasses, and keys. Adding a desk to the room, allows guests a space for quiet reflection, work, or simply a way to keep their things neat and orderly.

5. Adorn and inform

photo credit: www.designsponge.com

photo credit: www.designsponge.com

Life in the modern age means your guests will want to make phone calls, check emails, etc. A framed print of your wifi network and password in the guest room is an easy and surprisingly handy trick.

Now, Try it out!

At least once a year, spend the night in your guest room. You’ll see things you would otherwise miss and be better tuned to the things that make your visitors feel welcome and comfortable.