Home Ideas: 3 Tips for Kitchen Storage

Everyone loves a clean and clutter-free kitchen, but it’s not always easy getting things organized. Check out these 3 tips and tricks for better kitchen storage:

Use Built-in Baskets

Store dry items that you reach for the most in built-in baskets. Bread, onions, potatoes, etc can be kept close at hand without spreading crumbs or papers across your countertops.

Custom Kitchen Island


Add Open Shelves

Including one or two open shelves will add to the open and airy feel of your kitchen without forcing you to display everything it takes to run a functional kitchen. Showcase a favorite set of bowls or glasses while  stowing away all of the day to day items in traditional cupboards.

kitchen with open shelves

Add a Second Island

Splitting your workspace into two, separate kitchen islands allows you to store task specific items closer to where you will use them. The second island is also ideal for storing completed elements of a meal or appetizers.

two kitchen Islands