Green Building Methodology

Green Building Methodology

Timberline Construction of Bend is a member of the US Green Building Council, a participant in Energy Star and Earth Advantage programs, we have an Earth Advantage® certified Sustainable Home Professional on our staff, and we are actively working to implement LEED principals in our building practices.  In recent years, we have had increased opportunities to work with a variety of green materials and construction techniques. We are a forward thinking company and are cognizant to continuously look for methods and technologies that will enhance the quality of the work we do, improve the level of sustainability, and promote responsible and sound building practices for our clients and our community in Bend, Oregon.

Our involvement in green programs and accreditations began as an endeavor to find the best products and build the most comfortable homes for our clients.  We have always believed in building homes of the highest quality, regardless of size or style; durability and integrity are the basis for all our projects.  The Earth Advantage Program provides counsel and tools to measure and achieve the highest quality building envelope.  Often, we have used this program without going through the certification process because we know it results in a better product for our clients.  By recommending Energy Star appliances we have always felt confident that our clients would be purchasing quality products that would meet their needs for many years.  Many of our longstanding building principals are incorporated in LEED concepts.  Selecting durable materials that will withstand decades of use and exposure, supporting our community by choosing locally sourced materials, and using materials and systems that make each home a healthy place for our clients and their families are simply good business practices.

We have extensive experience using green building materials and techniques in both structural and aesthetic applications.  In wood framed projects we have sourced local and sustainable Warm Springs FSC lumber, we have used staggered-stud framing and have recommended and built 2×8 and 2×10 walls for increased insulation properties and energy efficiency.  Our experience with alternatives to wood-framed houses includes using several different ICF brands, RASTRA, Straw Bale, and SIPS. In both traditionally framed and alternatively built homes, we have installed a variety of green systems including solar domestic hot water, PV solar systems, and passive solar heating systems.  Many of the insulation and HVAC systems we have implemented for our clients have been chosen for their innovative and energy efficient qualities and include on-demand hot water systems, spray in foam insulation, plastered straw bale walls, radiant heat and solar assisted radiant heating systems.

In addition to the structural components of the homes we have built, we have worked with a variety of alternative, sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed exterior and interior coverings and finishes.  In order to create a healthy living space for our clients, we often select low VOC paints, stains, and carpets. Wheat-board, cork, bamboo, and clay plaster have been installed as natural and sustainable materials.  Reclaimed timbers, doors, and fixtures have been sourced both locally and regionally for new construction and have been saved and reincorporated from existing homes during remodel projects.  Concrete and slab products manufactured from recycled components have been used for both aesthetic and ethical aims.

As the demand for green building increases we find we are well prepared. Historically, we have used construction techniques that address durability and effectiveness of the materials installed.  This includes conducting energy calculations to ensure correct infrastructure selections, testing moisture content before proceeding to the dry-in phase, and the use of breathable, building membranes, flashing and waterproofing systems.  Often, the location of the home was selected for surrounding natural features; we are careful to reduce site impact and protect natural vegetation.

Timberline Construction is excited and committed to the growing trend of green building in Central Oregon.  In fact, we have also invested the time and additional funds to have a LEED home designed for a future spec project.  We look forward to building this home when market conditions allow.  Additionally, we work closely with our suppliers and trades-people to identify new products and techniques as they emerge in the market and encourage our colleagues to share any developments with us.  Our commitment to green building is both a matter of principal and sentiment.  As long-time outdoor enthusiasts, we care about the environment and realize our work plays an important role in protecting natural resources.  Similarly, we are long-term Bend residents and want to see our community grow in a sustainable, healthy manner.