Green Building Challenges, Amazing Rewards

Recycled Toilets for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Green Building Challenges, Amazing Rewards

Recycled Toilets for Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Green Builders face a unique set of challenges, including sourcing materials, finding appropriate applications, and troubleshooting new methods of installation. But the challenges come with some amazing rewards, as we’ve learned during the construction of Desert Rain in Bend, Oregon.

Reclaimed Materials

Recycled and reclaimed materials have been used throughout the Desert Rain home, the guest house, and throughout the landscaping on site.  The search for unique, green building materials has turned up some stunning products and the resourcefulness of the Desert Rain team has resulted in some truly elegant applications of reclaimed materials.

Reclaimed Metal Cabinet Door

Take, for example, the beautiful tiles made from recycled solar panels that have been used in the bathrooms. Or the sleekness of the tiles used for the kitchen backsplash which are made from recycled toilets.

Bathroom Tiles from Recycled Solar PanelsThe patina on the reclaimed metal for the cabinet doors brings out the warmth in the salvaged myrtelwood floors and the T&G ceilings made with reclaimed wood from a Prineville potato barn.

It may seem daunting to combine a huge variety of materials in a way that is elegant and modern, but the Desert Rain team and the skilled tradespeople who have worked on this home pulled it together. This home has a sleek and contemporary feel and a warmth that comes from well-placed aged and weathered materials.

Green Building in Bend Oregon

As green builders in Bend, Oregon, Timberline Construction of Bend is dedicated to helping our clients and our community build green, energy efficient, sustainably sourced, and carefully constructed homes and commercial buildings. If you’re thinking about building, we’d be happy to talk to you about the variety of green options, the benefits of sustainable building, and the challenges that are worth overcoming. Call or email us for more information.