Expanding the Tetherow Clubhouse

Expanding the Tetherow Clubhouse

Commercial Construction Framing Knee BraceWhen I stopped by the jobsite for the Tetherow Clubhouse Expansion last week, Kelly Moyes was just prepping a knee brace for one of the exterior gabled ends. Kelly is the project lead for TAC Construction, the framing company we’re working with on this commercial construction project.

It was a classic, sunny Bend, Oregon day and Kelly and the TAC crew were enjoying the working conditions. “The Tetherow staff are really great to be around – the atmosphere is really positive up here.  And the views can’t be beat,” explained Kelly. He and the rest of the 4-man framing crew have had to overcome a few challenges as they work alongside the fully functioning restaurant and clubhouse, but Kelly explained that are really enjoying it.

Starting this project earlier this spring, we spent some time working on the infrastructure before we could get the commercial addition underway.  The electric, gas, water, and sewer lines all to be re-routed before we could excavate and pour the foundation.  Now, with framing fully underway, the additional dining space, second bar, and commercial kitchen are quickly taking shape. The project will add approximately 3,000 square feet to the Tetherow Clubhouse with architecture that matches the existing structure.

Tetherow Golf Clubhouse Expansion

From the golf course, you can see that the silhouette of the addition matches the high-peaked roofline of the building. The big roofs and large glulam beams call for some extra equipment and the crew is paying particularly close attention to safety for themselves and the Tetherow staff working nearby.   The bar and restaurant are currently open to the public, so feel free to stop by, grab some amazing food, and watch our progress from beyond the safety fence.