Exciting Tile Trends for Your Home

tile trends

Exciting Tile Trends for Your Home

From detailed Roman mosaics to warm Mexican terracotta and ocean-colored geometric patterns of Morocco, tile has a rich and diverse history in architectural decor.  Today’s designers continue to explore the use of this finish material in new and interesting ways, and chic uses of ceramic and porcelain continue to inspire us. Here are several tile trends you’ll love for your home:

Faux Finishes

Faux wood finished tile

You may be craving the look of wood planking or barnwood in a space that just isn’t well suited to a wood surface. Wood grain tile can be the perfect solution for high use or wet areas like a shower or kitchen. The industry has made leaps and bounds in producing beautifully believable faux finishes. Even the surface texture has improved with details that are deeply embedded in the material. Look for expanding design choices that include the look of wood, marble, granite or even cement.

Vintage and Old World 

Mediterranean Tiles in a Contemporary Bath

Even a contemporary home can incorporate the look of oriental tapestries and neoclassical lace patterns. Ancient Mediterranean motifs paired with sleek fixtures can create in a timeless and elegant space.