Design Spotlight: A Modern Home in Bend

Design Spotlight: A Modern Home in Bend

As home builders, we believe in working collaboratively with architects and designers, and this is most certainly the case with the modern home currently under construction in Tetherow, just west of Bend, OR.  Designed by Lightfoot Architecture, this sleek and contemporary home offers elegance and functionality in abundance.

The Design of Lot 7

Given the unique character, orientation, and wild surrounding landscape of this home, the architects have focused on spatial principles that emphasize the connection between the residents and nature. Breathtaking vistas and wild terrain are literally at the backdoor and the home certainly celebrates its setting.

The 2000sf  floor plan utilizes islands of function and privacy to maximize livability while minimizing the building’s footprint.  These islands consist of private zones like baths, closets, & pantries that are treated as freestanding elements. These utilitarian spaces help shape and define the communal areas positioned at the core of the home. This allows for an expansive, open feel in the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, while maintaining privacy elsewhere.

This house has a simple, cleanly-executed material palette and clean lines both inside and outside. Steel elements, offering incredible durability, are complimented with the warmth of wood features.

The Setting

The beautiful desert light and rugged scenery of this home are accentuated by a ‘permeable’ floor plan:  transparent breezeways allow you to see through to the living areas to the vistas beyond. In addition to thoughtful window and skylight placement, a solar courtyard provides an intimately scaled outdoor room and maximizes year-round outdoor living potential.

Home for Sale in Bend

This home is currently for sale. You can visit the MLS listing for details and learn more by contacting Jacquie Sebulsky and Michele Anderson.