Timberline Construction of Bend Comfortable, Sustainable, Energy Efficient, and Healthy Homes

Building Custom and Green Homes in Bend and Central Oregon since 2000.

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Main office: 541.388.3979
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Kristian Willman: 541.408.7800
Kevin Lorda: 541-419-4655

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General Information: vasb@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
James Fagan: Wnzrf@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Kristian Willman: Xevfgvna@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
Kevin Lorda: Xriva@GvzoreyvarOraq.pbz
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1655 NE Lytle Street
Bend, OR 97701
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Timberline Construction of Bend
PO Box 94
Bend, OR 97709