Building Your Dream Home

Building Your Dream Home

When you decide you’re ready to live in your dream home there are so many factors to consider.  Where should it be? What should it look like? How should it be built? How much will it cost? Etc.

You may decide to purchase a new home, find an older home and remodel it, or have a custom home designed and built for you.   And… there are so many green options available along the way, especially in Bend, OR.

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If buying a newly built home feels like the best fit for you, the research you do before purchasing will pay off for years to come. Researching your new neighborhood – for value, access to schools, access to recreation, solitude or close community – is crucial to your long-term happiness.  Similarly, understanding the construction of a your new home will lead to more comfort, less worry, and even less work (repairs, remodels, and/or maintenance) in the future.  Before you purchase a new home, be sure to ask a few simple questions. Who built the home? What is their warrantee? Are their previous customers happy with their purchase?

We often build new, spec homes. In fact, we have just completed one and will finish a second within the coming weeks.  These homes, like all of the custom homes will build, are built to withstand the tests of time, both structurally and stylistically. We build to a variety of green building standards, but believe many “green” practices are just part of building a high quality home.  For example, all of the homes we build have tight building envelopes, quality insulation, and energy and water efficient appliances and fixtures.


Custom Built Homes

Building a custom home or buying a new home is a big decision and often comes with a lot of stress. We ease that stress – because we love what we do.  From the very start, we emphasize listening closely to our clients, explaining the process, and working hard to create a home with lasting quality.

When Rick and Jeanine decided to relocate to Central Oregon to be closer to their family, they decided to build their dream home in Bend.  Rick and Jeanine’s Classic Northwest home on Awbrey Butte is a perfect example of our team making the process of building a custom home an enjoyable endeavor.


“Our home is beyond our dreams and expectations.  Timberline made our dream come true!  And, even more importantly to us, they have become lifetime friends.” Rick and Jeanine Hachten

We are always more than happy to take new clients on tours of the homes we’ve built and will often introduce previous clients to new ones, knowing that home-owner to home-owner conversations can be incredibly helpful.

If you’d like to tour our homes, please contact us.  We’d love to show you our work in person.