Building a Green Home with Earth Advantage

Building a Green Home on Lot 23

Building a Green Home with Earth Advantage

Building a Green Home on Lot 23

As green builders, we’re dedicated to building sustainable and efficient homes in Bend, OR. Take, for example, the spec home currently under construction on Lot 23 in Tetherow. While we don’t know who will live in this house yet, we know that we want them to be comfortable and confident that their home is as efficient as it is beautiful.  That’s why we’re building it to meet the Earth Advantage Certification.

Earth Advantage Certification

The Earth Advantage Certification is a green building standard that focuses on a core of energy efficiency, and also promotes healthier and environmentally friendly homes. During the design phase and construction, we work to achieve points on the Earth Advantage score sheet. Earth Advantage professionals visit the construction site twice to verify our score. Our house will be evaluated on energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and water conservation.

Building Healthy Homes

We’ve included the term “healthy homes” our tagline since 2000, but we still get questions about it. What is a healthy home?

Your home is the space you live in- the space you raise your family in – and we believe it should be a healthy living environment. This means we use more sustainable materials and finishes that do not off-gas harmful fumes. We install systems that filter the air before it enters the home. We seal all gas combustion systems and we ventilate the home to expel any remaining harmful pollutants. Every home we build is protected against excessive moisture; that means you don’t need to worry about the health risks associated with rot, molds, or fungi.  To prevent airborne allergens and industrial particles from coming in, we air seal every house. Ventilation also improves the quality of air in the home and helps reduce spot moisture problems.

You can learn more about our green building project and methodology on our blog.  Or contact us. We’re happy to discuss the green building process.

Home For Sale in Bend

This home is currently for sale. Many of the spec homes we build are sold long before they are finished.  This allows homeowners to make detail selections that are unique to their style. Other folks prefer to let us wade through the huge variety of choices, trusting that we’ll deliver a finished home they will easily fall in love with. Either way, if you’d like to know more about this home, please give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to tell you more.