Building a Custom Home: Estimating the Cost

Building a Custom Home: Estimating the Cost

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From start to finish, Timberline Construction of Bend implements a detailed and comprehensive system of estimating and tracking costs.  Establishing and working within your budget is crucial to the success of any project we work on, especially your custom home.  Through on-going communication with designers and clients, we work to match design goals with budgetary constraints.  The resulting clearly defined scope of work promotes a smooth start to construction and paves the way for efficient and enjoyable home construction.

Ascertaining a budget is the first step in the coordination of the design and construction processes.  We work closely with our clients to understand their specific financial objectives.  Once a project budget is established, we organize budgetary data in a highly refined and detailed spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet becomes the basis for all project cost tracking and is regularly updated and shared with the clients.

As the design process begins and specific goals and elements are identified, we communicate with the designer and client to offer cost information and alternatives. This begins at the schematic design stage. Once we are given site plan, floor plans, and elevations, we can do a remarkably accurate preliminary budget.  This gives the client and the designer real feedback regarding the base costs of the project.  As the design progresses, we continue to offer input updating costs and also offering feedback on specific spaces and pathways for mechanical and other infrastructure needs.  Throughout the design phase, we conduct research of material and system selection options.  We meet with specific subcontractors and suppliers during this process as needed to assist the client(s) and designer(s) in selection of systems and materials.

Our goal with every project is to have a realistic and comprehensive cost breakdown for all aspects of the project prior to the commencement of construction.  This helps prevent unexpected expenses, easing client concerns and facilitating prudent budgetary planning.

We know that thoroughness can help relieve many stresses; we want the process to be an enjoyable one for all parties involved.