An Open Letter to Our Clients and Colleagues

An Open Letter to Our Clients and Colleagues

We write this letter to you, spurred by the pain, trauma, and uncertainty that so many in our country and community are experiencing. These past days feel like months and the past few months have already felt like years. We meet our sense of urgency to respond as a business in this community is with a strong desire to be thoughtful about this responsibility.

While much of our daily work marches forward, we have taken pause to consider our role. As a company, we have not been outspoken regarding matters of justice and equity. We feel it is important to do so now, in light of the tragedies that have sparked a broader conversation-  not just in the US, but around the world. 

While injustices may take on different appearances in Central Oregon than they do in larger metropolitan areas, we acknowledge that many people right here in Bend are mistreated based on the color of their skin. To this, we want to be clear: Timberline Construction condemns all forms of racism. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, equitably, and with respect on our job sites, in our office, and in our communications.  

We also acknowledge that we as a company, and as individuals, have a lot of work to do to fully see and understand just exactly what is meant by “all forms of racism.” The entire Timberline Team cares about the wellbeing of this community. We care about you – our clients and colleagues and your families and loved ones. We care about our local schools and businesses that make our community vibrant and strong, as well as the surrounding forests and rivers that offer joy and tranquility. And, we understand that we can do more.

Ultimately, we believe in the goodness of people and we are committed to working toward a better future for our entire community.


Timberline Construction of Bend