Roger and Judy Aikin

Bend, OR

Re: Timberline Construction

To Whom It May Concern:

We heard about Jim Fagan from one of his relatives that we happened to know and interviewed Jim.  We were impressed and did not consider any other contractors after we talked with him and reviewed his contract.  We became aware later of his association with Timberline, met his partners and were impressed.

We were very well served by Timberline construction throughout the entire process.  We are convinced that the most important aspect of the building process is communication between contractor and client, and Timberline excelled in this area.  We were kept constantly informed about what was happening and was going to happen.  We were consulted at every stage—frequently more than once a day—whenever a decision had to be made that required our input.

The other aspect of the building process that we believe is important is the relationship of the contractor and his sub-contractors. Fagan and Timberline have a stable of experienced and reliable subcontractors.  The only problems or delays occurred with the subcontractors that were new—specifically the roofer and HVAC.  (With regard to HVAC, that subcontractor has subsequently proved to be available and responsive to small problems.)   We would recommend that anyone building a house with Timberline (or any other contractor) heed the advice of Jim Fagan with regard to the subs.    Throughout the design and construction process, Jim told us who to see (with respect to choices about materials and fixtures, etc,) and when the decision would be required.  An example that we highly recommend to future clients is “Meredith” at Cascade Design for carpets and surfaces.

Timberline’s response regarding unexpected problems was always timely and appropriate.  We never had the feeling that we were being sent to the back of the line or put off.   Again, the important thing is for the contractor to communicate clearly with the client about the problem and what is being done about it.    We would not recommend that Timberline work again with our roofing contractor—but Jim’s response to their shortcomings was superb.

We are delighted with the house.  The materials used, including woodwork and cabinets, are of high quality and aesthetic appeal, yet with Fagan’s help, affordable.  As we had an architect, anything that the design of the house lacks is our fault—and in fact the architect and Timberline gave us everything we asked for.  Specifically, we think that the quality of the work was first rate, and this would include foundations, framing, drywall, paint, plumbing, countertops, and especially the finish carpentry.  Bryan’s Cabinets were superb in every respect.   When there have been problems with materials (windows and sliders is the best example), there have been responsible people with whom to work on necessary follow-up.

We would recommend Timberline to anyone building a custom home.  We have already had the opportunity to speak on behalf of Fagan and Timberline several times.  If you are building a custom home, there are two options:  you can either be in town, visit the site frequently, ask a lot of questions, and be available to consult—or you can go on vacation for the duration of the project and come back when there is soap in the soap dish and live with anything that was not done as you expected.  We would trust Timberline to do the job either way.

The best thing about Timberline and Jim Fagan other than the high quality of the work and trustworthy actions on our behalf was their positive attitude and their constant willingness to listen and answer questions. We never left voice mail that was not answered right away.    Finally, Jim Fagan and all the staff at Timberline really seem to enjoy their work—it is above all their positive attitude that is reassuring to clients and makes the whole process actually enjoyable.


Roger and Judy Aikin