5 Ideas to Steal from Our Most Unique Bathrooms

5 Ideas to Steal from Our Most Unique Bathrooms

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in your house, but a few carefully chosen elements can make your bath an elegant and serene space. We’ve built some truly unique custom homes and we’re sharing the inspiration from several of our favorite, eye-catching bathrooms.

Wood Grain Tile

Wood Grain Porcelain TileWood grain tile combines the beauty of timber with the durability of porcelain tile. It creates a modern look with an earthy and rustic edge – making the space both sleek and warm. Note: Using quality tile with visuals that don’t simply repeat the same grains and knots over and over again is important.

Free Standing Tubs with Walk-In Showers

Free Standing Tub and Walk-in ShowerA bath with a walk-in style shower and free-standing tub creates a chic, spa-like atmosphere. The tub acts as gorgeous centerpiece for the room, setting the mood for rest and relaxation. The walk-in shower gives your bathroom a modern and functional appeal.

 Concrete Sinks

Custom concrete sinkConcrete as a surface material is being used for more than just countertops and floors. The cool and silky smooth feel, in addition to an endless ability to customize the shape and style, make concrete once of the most interesting materials to consider.

Wet Room Style Baths

Dunbar_0187A wet room is a bathroom with no discernible shower space. The term ‘wet room’ conjures images of luxury bathrooms and steamy ambience. In the SWxNW home, we also included a slab of natural stone – making this space undeniably unique.

Wood Clad Tubs

wood clad bathtub Natural materials add timeless sensibility to your home. The warm simplicity and elegance, can be coupled with more contemporary bath fixtures and architectural styles.