4 Considerations to Make the Most of Your Remodel

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4 Considerations to Make the Most of Your Remodel

Whether you’ve got an older home in need of serious updates, or a newer home combined with a big lifestyle change, remodeling can deliver amazing results. Yet, as exciting as remodeling a home is, it is not an easy task. It’s important to know why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve with the changes. Considerings these factors will help you make the most of your remodel. 

Your Lifestyle

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A well designed home fits and flows with your lifestyle -accommodating your needs, providing the type of space you need and setting the tone for time spent with family and friends. Setting your mind on a design feature or style early in the process can actually make things worse. Instead, keep your lifestyle at the forefront of your planning process. Focus on the problems or frustrations you have with the current space and consider solutions. This will result in renovations that are longer lasting and more pleasing.

The Condition of Your Home

Depending on the age of your home, you’ll need to identify whether you are in need of minor cosmetic changes or bigger, structural renovations. Remember “old” doesn’t mean it will be harder and “new” doesn’t mean it will be easy. From sagging floors and crooked walls to electrical and plumbing concerns, you’ll want an expert on your side to identify the “guts” of your remodel plans and identify budget concerns.

The Size of Your Space

Considering the size of your existing space and the space you want in the end it critical. If you’re adding a kitchen island, make sure you’re not blocking the flow by cramming too much into too small a space. Similarly, if you’ve got a large space, you’ll want to include features that still create a sense of connection. 

Your Budget

Setting a realistic budget from the get-go is key to a successful and satisfying remodel. From the onset, identify must-have elements and those that you’re willing to let go. Having a clear vision about where you want to save and where you’re willing to splurge is incredibly helpful.  Working with an architect and builder simultaneously is a great way to keep the scope of your remodel in line with your ideal dollar amount.  Once you’ve solidified your plan, stick to it. Changing your mind on materials and finishes mid-project can quickly lead to budget overages.