An Italian architect and childhood friend created the original vision for this home as a gift to homeowners.  Local design studio Pique LLC worked with this vision to design this very modern and energy efficient home. The name “Parallelepipedo” is Italian and refers to the geometric shapes that define the home.

The homeowners desire for a extremely durable and energy efficient home influenced many design choices and material selections.

The structure of the home required careful consideration of day lighting and shading strategies.  It is a super-insulated structure framed with ICF block and a SIP roof .  A ground source heat system is incorporated with the underfloor radiant heat; a large solar panel array will provide the bulk of the electricity for the family.

The three structures are clad in stone, a loose reference to the Three Sisters mountains which dominate the home’s view. Slate was selected both as siding and roofing and is an incredibly durable material.  Concrete floors, sinks, and countertops are complemented both in elegant and durability by steel stairs, exposed moment frames, and trim accents.