Certified Sustainable Home Professional

Certified Sustainable Home Professional

mobley-george-f-a-giant-lobelia-plantTimberline Construction is pleased to announce that James Fagan has received the Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP) certification from the Earth Advantage Institute®. This certification enhances our company’s growing experience with a variety of green building techniques and is a testament to our dedication to building sustainable and healthy homes.

Green? A little or a lot.

When clients tell us that they want to build a “green” home, they are often unaware of the numerous, third-party, green certifications or the variations and options that are available under many green building programs.  The SHP process, involving course work and a certification exam, has provided Timberline Construction with the ability to better navigate green building programs (Earth Advantage®, LEED, Living Building Challenge, Passive House, etc) and help our clients determine the extent to which they are willing to go.  We can now better identify our clients’ criteria for choosing green building programs such as health, energy efficiency, or sustainability, as well as explaining the potential limitations of site, design, and budget.

Integrated Designs Process

The SHP certification also enhances Timberline Construction’s roll in any Integrated Design Process (IDP). We are long-time advocates for IDP, a philosophy that brings builder and designer/architect together at the on-set of any construction project.  We believe our clients benefit from IDP – materials can be  selected for their aesthetic and performance  qualities; building techniques and systems can be chosen to meet budgetary, environmental, and design criteria. Integrated Design broadens the scope of expertise available to our clients and leads to more satisfied homeowners.