Current Projects


11 Apr Egeland Custom Home: Construction Gallery

The process of building a custom home is a visually appealing process. It's a endeavor that includes big events like standing walls and setting trusses, as well as things that go nearly unseen, like installing underfloor HVAC. Every bit of it is an important part...

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Wooded Lot 52 in Tetherow

24 Mar Designing a New Home: Lot 52 in Tetherow

We’re excited to be working on a new spec home, in design now by Brandon Olin of Olin Architecture. The process officially started in December, when we walked the lot with Brandon, discussing the features of the lot, considering future growth of the neighborhood, and...

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James Fagan, Barb Scott, Tom Elliott

31 Dec Warming Gifts for a Green Home

After so much hard work from the entire team, Barb Scott and Tom Elliott moved into their custom, extremely green, home just in time for the holidays. The Desert Rain project has been a such long haul, with so many design and material challenges, and...

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